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Welcome to the Aviator.nyc Media and Press Center, where our skilled team of aviation experts and professionals are ready to share their extensive knowledge and passion for the industry with the media and public.

Why Choose Aviator.nyc's Aviation Experts and Professionals?

Breaking aviation news can often leave reporters in search of dependable and up-to-date sources. At Aviator.nyc, our team of aviation consultants consists of active airline pilots and flight instructors who primarily fly for major US carriers. With experience in various types of aircraft and a focus on providing flight training using cutting-edge simulators, our experts stay actively involved in the rapidly evolving field.

Our Aviation Expertise

Our team of aviation consultants offers a wealth of knowledge in various aspects of aviation, including:

  • Recent aviation events
  • Weather phenomena such as turbulence
  • Flight simulation and training
  • Aviation safety and regulations
  • Air traffic control systems
  • Aircraft systems and technology
  • Airline operations and management
  • Current trends and developments in the aviation industry

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Media Inquiries and Requests

We welcome all media inquiries and can assist with expert opinions, commentaries, and insights for any aviation-related stories. Our aviation professionals are available for interviews, podcasts, panel discussions, or other media events. We can host interviews at our Manhattan location, remotely, or in-person.

To request an interview or consultation with one of our aviation experts, please contact us at media@aviator.nyc with:

We aim to respond to all media inquiries within 24 hours.