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Simtech Aviation

G1000 Garmin Aircraft rental G1000-Simulator_Connecticut_Greenwich_Flight_training

G1000 Simulator- Advanced Avionics Simulator Training

Updating your skills on the Garmin G1000 Advanced Avionics systems can be an incredibly tedious process. And simply watching videos or using such applications on occasion just isn't enough.
Our G1000 Advanced Avionics Simulator can help you!

Even the FAA, in a final ruling, emphasized the value of experiencing different types of aircraft and avionics. We aren’t teaching you to fly, we are helping you learn procedures and become comfortable utilizing advanced avionics. We are giving you optimal exposure to systems that you need to know in order to be up to date, and most importantly, to safe when you fly.

Flight school instructors - New York Flight Club

Using a simulator allows your instructor to focus more intently on teaching you how to use this type of sophisticated avionics, the simulator training experience offers an environment where we can emphasize and repeat procedures so that you can actually see them in action.


With Simtech Aviation’s highly skilled instructors, more efficient training means you’ll become more comfortable and proficient using these advanced avionics.

Rusty Pilot Flight Training in G1000-Simulator_Connecticut_Greenwich_

The AATD we use at Simtech Aviation features many different types of aircrafts, from single engine to multi-engine turboprop. Our simulator thereby lets you experience the latest in Technology Advanced Aircraft.

Learn to operate the avionics in your aircraft to enhance your safe and effective flight operations. At Simtech Aviation, we understand how difficult it is to get good flight training in Manhattan. The travel time from Manhattan to a local general aviation airport is long, and that means there is no easy access to the tools you need to learn, practice, and stay sharp using sophisticated and modern airplane avionics.


Our state-of-the-art flight simulator, you take advantage of the efficiency of a training technique designed to help you master your flight skills and sharpen your expertise.


Less time sitting in your car, waiting in endless lines of traffic, and more time actually spent engaged in hands-on flight simulator training. Allowing you get to save the actual airplane time for going places with family and friends.

Using a G1000 advanced avionics simulaor is the best way to minimize your airplane training time.

300_Simtech_New_York_Simulator 2 of 2_blue

Our G1000 Advanced Avionics Simulator Has:

  • G1000 Nxi in most planes models.
  • Updatable worldwide Navigraph navigation database
  • Obstacle icons, terrain, airways, and waypoints on the map page
  • VNAV and VPTH waypoint navigation
  • Departure and arrival procedures
  • LPV WAAS Approaches fully coupled with the Automated Flight Control System
  • Missed approach procedures
  • Coupled holds and procedure turns
  • It simulates the Garmin GFC 700 autopi­lot
  • G1000 simulators such as Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT),
  • TAWS-B (Terrain), TCAS (Traffic),
  • FlightCharts and SafeTaxi.

Interactive ATC Communication with a Real Person


Pilotedge provides software to connect the flight simulator to a PilotEdge Air Traffic Controller. This allows the pilot to incorporate Air Traffic Communication with their workload while using the simulator.

Integrate your Electronic Flight Bag to Your Training


Our ATDs transmit real time position and orientation data so that you can see its simulated position on geo referenced maps and charts as well as in your EFB’s synthetic terrain display.

The TouchTrainer and GT Glass Trainer support the following EFBs: ForeFlight, FlyQ EFB, Wing X Pro, SkyDemon

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What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

…When you live in the city getting to a flight school can be tough…If you want something convenient to help keep your skills fresh, try training at this facility and ask for Julian. It helps keeps the rust off and more! I highly recommend it.


Kathleen S.

A really fantastic set-up to practice, learn or gain new skills. This can help at any stage of your flying career. The team takes the time to find out what you are trying to achieve and is incredibly supportive. Well worth a visit!


Bobby L.

Julian is the ACE flight instructor. He is patient, passionate, and professional. The three most important things everyone need to master in flight and in life.


David J.

Julian and his team provide a time-efficient way to pilot training right in Manhattan. Multiple locations, flight conditions, combined with Pilot Edge that is a “live” ATC is both highly effective and convenient. I highly recommend this training for any student pilot who wants to practice in Manhattan without the hassles of getting out to an airport.


Garry H.

Flight School near me New York? 

106 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001

We’re just steps from Penn Station and Herald Square, which means you won’t have to drive out of the city as often for your training.

Only Staffed For Booked Lessons


By MTA Subway: Take the B/D/F/M/N/Q/ R/W to 34th Street – Herald Square. Or take the 1/2/3/A/C/E to Penn Station and walk to 32nd Street and 6th Ave.

By PATH: Take the PATH to 33rd Street.

By Long Island Rail Road: Take the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station and walk one block to 32nd Street and 6th Ave.

By Metro-North Railroad: Take Metro-North to Grand Central and the B/D/F/M to 34th Street – Herald Square.

By New Jersey Transit: Take New Jersey Transit to Penn Station and walk one block to 32nd Street and 6th Ave

    From Brooklyn & Queens: Take the Queens Midtown Tunnel and take the Downtown Exit from I-495 W, then turn left on 32nd Street from 7th Ave/Fashion Avenue. Or take the Manhattan Bridge and continue uptown via 6th ave, then make a left on 32nd St. from 7th Ave.

    From New Jersey: Take the Lincoln Tunnel crosstown and make a left on 32nd Street.

    From Connecticut: Take the Henry Hudson Parkway to NY-9A S and exit on W. 44th Street. Continue crosstown and make a left on 32nd Street via 7th Avenue.

    From Pennsylvania: Take I-80 E and exit toward 42nd Street/NY-9A from NY-495 E. Continue crosstown and make a left on 32nd Street from 7th Ave.

      Take the M4, M7, M55, Q32 to Herald Square.

      Herald Square, Inside The Yard Work Space

      106 W 32nd St
      New York, NY 10001

      We Are a Proud Member Of

      National Association of Flight Instructors New York
      Society of Aviation and Flight Educators
      Civil Civil Air PatrolCivil Air Patrol New Jersey New York New Jersey New YorkAir Patrol New Jersey New York
      Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) New York
      Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association AOPA New York

      Staying active with your flight training has never been easier.

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