Airline Pilot Interview Prep

Getting rejected from an interview is one of the worst feelings short of failing a check-ride.



Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Instrument Procedures

Airlines and commercial operators are all about standardization.

During the interview, they are testing:

  • Imagine your Instrument Rating Checkride-  <15 minutes and <5 questions (using Jeppesen)
  • How will you integrate into their culture?
  • Will you do the right even when others are not?
  • If you follow and integrate SOPs into your flying.

It's about how quickly you can learn and adapt to their Standard Operating Procedures.

Here are some Jeppesen Chats for LAS, SFO, DEN

Do you pass the interview?

As a new hire at an airline, it is dangerous to have to think about basic instrument procedures while also learning the aircraft system, 121 regulations, SOPs, and working in a multi-crew environment.


Consider some of these scenarios. Ask yourself if you could complete them successfully:

  • Can you load a Departure/Arrival Procedure, brief it under 5 minutes and then fly it right away?
  • Are you comfortable setting up the Flight Director and using the autopilot?
  • Are you ready to load an instrument approach in the Flight Management System (FMS), set up the approach, and brief it, all at an unfamiliar airport?

 You don’t want to risk failing your training. If you do, it will be recorded on your permanent FAA record and will be a part of every future airline job interview you have from then on.

Our Simulator

Our G1000 Simulator can emulate a King Air 200 G1000 NXi, which allows us to create Instrument Scenarios similar to those that you will encounter during your new hire training. 

We have EFBs with access to Jeppesen.

The G1000 simulator also has similar automation/autopilot that you will find in many modern airplanes. Working as airline pilots ourselves, we have flown actual Lear Jets, Dash-8, Embraer 145, Airbus 320, Boeing 737.

Even though there are some differences between the simulator and the planes, the G1000 Automation is an excellent trainer for those transitioning between instructing and active piloting.


Excellent Instruction

Our Instructors have flown at the Charter, Regional, and at Major Airlines. Learn about our Instructors

We can help you get ready for your airline interview since we are active airline pilots.

We understand what it’s like to keep up with training, and we’re here to establish a workflow that works for you to help you stay on track and up to snuff.

What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

...You think you have the knowledge to make it but then you realize that you are missing the details that make the difference when you sit face to face with a captain or first officer in an interview.
An airline or any other corporate job looks for pilots who are ready for the next challenge...
Real life airline experience makes the difference when it comes to briefing an approach, briefing a Departure Procedure or CRM...


Andres C.

A really fantastic set-up to practice, learn or gain new skills. This can help at any stage of your flying career. The team takes the time to find out what you are trying to achieve and is incredibly supportive. Well worth a visit!


Bobby L.

Julian and his team provide a time-efficient way to pilot training right in Manhattan. Multiple locations, flight conditions, combined with Pilot Edge that is a “live” ATC is both highly effective and convenient. I highly recommend this training for any student pilot who wants to practice in Manhattan without the hassles of getting out to an airport. I have learned a lot from Julian which I am incorporating into my flight studies.


Garry H.

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