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Manhattan Flight Club vs. Simtech Aviation

By Julian Alarcon | October 22, 2019

Manhattan Flight Club vs. Simtech Aviation In this article we compare the differences between Manhattan Flight Club and Simtech to help you make the best choice when it comes to … Read more


Cirrus G1000 Perspective Simulator- New York

By Julian Alarcon | October 1, 2019

Cirrus G1000 Perspective Simulator in New York or New Jersey? One common question we get: “Is the Cirrus Perspective available in your simulator?” One common question we get: “Is the … Read more

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 501

By Julian Alarcon | March 25, 2019

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 501 Will be hosting a free airplane ride for kids as part of the Young Eagles Flight Rally on Sunday, August 25, 2019 at Lincoln … Read more

How to brief an Instrument Approach FAA Charts

FAA/NACO Chart Approach Chart Setup and Brief

By Julian Alarcon | January 18, 2019

Instrument Approach Brief should be short, sweet and to the point. Many pilots pay too much emphasis, on the wrong items, overlooking the real items that matter.

How to keep flight training affordable?

Issues of Flight Training in NYC

By Julian Alarcon | November 4, 2018

Is Flying Once a Week Enough? Flying Once a week will increase the time needed to obtain your Private Pilot Certificate! Note: Want to know more about the process to … Read more

Becoming an airline pilot in new york

Path to Become an Airline Pilot

By Julian Alarcon | August 26, 2018

How to Become an Airline/Professional Pilot? Training to become an Airline Pilot vs flying as a hobby, is very similar. Everyone starts with the Private Pilot Certificate. All the flight … Read more

What are the requirements to stay instrument current to fly IFR

Instrument Currency and Proficiency

By Julian Alarcon | August 1, 2018

Instrument Current OR Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)? Maintaining instrument currency in NYC is very time-consuming, and with the new changes in the regulation in 2018, there is no reason NOT … Read more

Earn Your Instrument Rating

Instrument Rating Training Guide

By Julian Alarcon | July 31, 2018

Instrument Rating Training Guide How to get instrument rated and incorporate a flight simulator in your training Free Consultation 3 Tips for Your Instrument Rating Training – Get the Written … Read more


Steps to Get Your Private Pilot License

By Julian Alarcon | July 31, 2018

How to Get a Private Pilot License in New York With a Private Pilot Certificate, you can fly an airplane as a hobby, only fly in good weather conditions, and … Read more