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Simtech Aviation

Experienced Pilot Training

500_Gray_Instrument Rating_Flight_School_New_York

Don’t let the weather, traffic, or life hold you back from accruing the hours and gaining the advanced skills you need to master instrument procedures. Let’s help you meet those Instrument Rating Flight Training! requirements fast

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While you earn your 50 hours toward your FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, you can experience varied piston driven airplanes and turboprops with an accurate Garmin G1000 Simulator. § 61.129(i)(1)(i)

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Looking to stay instrument current? Using a AATD is the most convenient way to do so, plus it works advanced instrument procedures.

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When you’re trying to make the transition to a Technically Advanced Aircraft, most procedures can feel brand new. We’ve been there, too, and understand how you feel.

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