Group Flight Simulator Lessons: Challenge Your Team & Learn to Fly!

Experience genuine flight training in our group lessons led by certified instructors, using our FAA Certified flight simulator. It's not a game; it's true aviation immersion


Challenge Your Skills

Ready to push the boundaries of your aviation knowledge? Our group flight lessons, led by certified flight instructors who are also active airline pilots, are tailored to challenge participants at every skill level. Whether you're honing your instrument flying skills or mastering complex flight maneuvers, our experienced instructors will guide you through personalized lessons that will push you to new heights of achievement.

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Here's How It Works:

Our group lessons are designed for 3-4 people. Your adventure begins with an engaging discussion on aviation and weather, fueling curiosity and expanding knowledge.

Then, brace yourself to step into the flight simulator.

One person takes the helm at a time, navigating the virtual skies while others interact with the instructor, ensuring everyone gets their turn to fly and ample time to have their questions answered.

Aviator NYC: A Unique Adventure For...

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Youth Groups:

Designed for young aviation enthusiasts aged 9 to 14, our interactive flight simulator training sessions ensure personalized attention to each participant as they explore the basics of flying through fun discussions and hands-on flight simulation.

Couple Activities:

Our group lessons provide a unique opportunity for couples to bond over a shared interest in aviation. Whether one partner is already a pilot or both are interested in flight training, our simulator sessions offer a platform for discussion and exploration. Take to the virtual skies together and discover the joys of flying side by side.

Corporate Teams:

Our unique team-building experiences offer more than just a thrill ride; they provide immersive learning opportunities. Participants engage in mentally demanding tasks, fostering teamwork and honing their attention to detail in a dynamic and challenging environment.

About Our Flight Simulator:

Step into our simulator, and you'll immediately notice the difference. This isn't just a video game – it's a true-to-life aviation experience. Our simulator's versatility allows pilots to customize their training experience to their preferred aircraft, ensuring tailored instruction that meets their unique needs and goals. Maximize your training credit with our simulator, offering maximum credit for minimum requirements across various pilot certificates.

Why Choose Aviator NYC Group Lessons?

  • Every participant gets a turn to "fly" in the simulator and learn directly from an active airline pilot.
  • It's an engaging bonding and learning experience, unlike any other.
  • Unlike in real planes, everyone in our simulator gets a chance to experience flying.

Ready for Takeoff? Book Your 3-hour Group Lesson Today!

This isn't just a game - it's a genuine glimpse into the world of aviation. Strap in, hold on, and prepare for an unforgettable journey with Aviator.nyc!

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