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Instrument Pilot Ground School In NYC

An instrument ground school is more than just passing the Instrument Written Exam. There are multiple tools online that will help you just pass the Instrument Written, but what’s most important is learning the real life applications of instrument flying theory. And the best way to do so is to train with active pilots. So come train with us!


We are hosting an Instrument Ground School in Midtown Manhattan. You bring your good looks and enthusiasm for aviation, and our instructors will bring their real life experience as airline pilots and depth of understanding of Instrument flying. They’ll be happy to cover any subject!

Curious? Here’s all the info you need:

          - 4 weeks / Tuesday and Thursdays / 6-8pm Starting October 8th 2019

        - Price: $500 for Non-Members, $300 for Members

Plus, $40 ($30 for members) for FAA Instrument Flying Handbook and Instrument Procedures Handbook.

For Instrument Written Questions, we recommend purchasing the Instrument Course from Sheppard Air.


Lesson 1: Intro Approach Charts/Weather
Lesson 2: Weather Services
Lesson 3: Regulations, Part 1
Lesson 4: Regulations, Part 2
Lesson 4: Flight Instruments
Lesson 5: Navigation
Lesson 6: Departures
Lesson 7: Enroute
Lesson 8: Arrivals
Lesson 9: Approaches
Lesson 10: Advanced Avionics