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Are You a Pilot and Visiting In New York City?

Stop by and stay instrument proficient with our Garmin G1000 simulator with a worldwide database and Jeppesen Charts.

Are you a pilot who flies as a hobby?

Enjoy the freedom to work on your skills in a controlled, yet fun environment. Come by during your vacation or business trip. Pilots of all levels are welcome. For the professionals, this is a great opportunity to log hours towards earning your FAA instrument rating!

G1000 European Pilot
Instrument Proccedures European Pilots Flight simulator

Good instruction is important to us.

At Simtech, our instructors are professional U.S. airline pilots who are excited to help you hone and advance your instrument flying skills. We can also help you develop and maintain good aeronautical decision-making in preparation for your 18-month instrument currency test.

Worldwide Database? We've got it.

Not only do we specialize in FAA training, but our Garmin G1000 simulator is also up-to-date with the worldwide navigation database and Jeppesen Charts

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