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Simtech Aviation

Manhattan Flight Club vs. Simtech Aviation

In this article we compare the differences between Manhattan Flight Club and Simtech to help you make the best choice when it comes to developing flying proficiency — especially with instrument procedures in New York City.

How does Simtech compare to Manhattan Flight Club?

Flight Training

First, let's talk about effective training. To have effective training you need seasoned and professional instructors who gauge your current aviation experience and proficiency to create a plan of attack towards accomplishing your goals while developing positive learning. Simtech has a cadre of airline pilots who have a passion for teaching and instruction. Our instructors bring an endless pool of experience to every lesson.

Manhattan Flight Club allows a student to use their facilities and simulator solo without an Instructor.  

Simtech believes that the best learning takes place under the watchful eye of a pilot and certified flight instructor. It is Simtech’s position that a student practicing the same approaches or procedures, the right way, with an instructor, accomplishes positive learning. 

Superior Technology

Simtech uses the  GTX Garmin G1000/ G1000 NXi simulator.  An Advanced Aviation Training Device from Precision Flight Control (PFC) and can model different aircraft types, ranging from single-engine piston to multi-engine turbine aircraft.  Changing the features of the G1000 system to match the selected model of airplane. The flexibility of the simulator allows us to create a tailored training solution for each individual client. 

If you’re a Cessna T182 or Baron pilot, you want to use a simulator that best models your aircraft’s performance. 

At the time of this writing the Manhattan Flight Club uses a Redbird TD2a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD)and a  BATD time can not be counted towards required aeronautical experience requirements for the Commercial pilot certificate. 

The TD2 can only emulate generic single engine airplane. Lacking a dedicated instructor station, and lacking  many features of the Garmin G1000. 

Why train on a  Precision Flight Controls (PFC) GTX G1000/G1000 NXi? 

The  Precision Flight Controls (PFC) GTX G1000/G1000 NXi can model different types of aircraft and their respective performances allowing you to become more familiar with the aircraft you plan on flying. 

A G1000 Simulator is much more than just having the knobs placement and push button function allowing for accurate muscle. It does a lot more than that. The TD2 MFC has can do the same. There is more than just learn the knobs. there is the realistic features of the system, from autopilot usage, navigation, aircraft systems.

That is cool technology but what is cooler is actually have the proper knobs, push buttons, a true PFD/MFD, and the Garmin G1000 avionics TRUE features and automations. Simtech’s PFC GTC G1000/G1000 NXi has full PFD/MFD displays — exactly like you will find in your aircraft. Allowing for accurate muscle and procedure learning by using the real push buttons and knobs. 

The Manhattan Flight Club’s Redbird TD2 uses a  computer screen to serve as the G1000 and all of its accompanying push buttons and knobs. 

Unbeatable Combination

Overall, Simtech’s flight simulator provides  higher fidelity simulation and controls with navigation databases updated in real-time, to truly bring you a one of a kind flight training experience. 

Having a more realistic experience along with an over the shoulder certified flight instructor provides a perfect practice. 

Electronic Flight Bags

Simtech has two iPads with Foreflight with the Jeppesen Charts and FAA. Allowing the pilot to experience the difference  between the two formats at no added cost. You are welcome to bring your own iPad with other EFB apps, such as Garmin Pilot, the Georeference option can be synced with the simulator. 

Manhattan Flying Club you need to bring your own. Which is you are coming between lunch brake or afterwork, you might not have your EFB with you.

Certified Flying Credits 

Let’s  compare the differences between aviation training devices. The FAA allows the following flight training credits for each of the above training devices:

Manhattan Flying Club uses a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) which allows credits for:

  • 2.5 hours for Private Pilot
  • 10 hours for Instrument rating
  • Allowance for meeting instrument currency requirements

Simtech uses an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) which allows credits for:

  • 2.5 hours for Private Pilot
  • 20 hours for Instrument rating
  • 50 hours for Commercial Pilot
  • 25 hours for Air Transport Pilot

Curated Events and Gatherings

At Simtech we actively engage with the broader aviation community to bring our clients together for structured, well organized, educational seminars — allowing our team of professional pilots and instructors to guide the discussion while encouraging attendees to interact and discuss the subject matter together. 

We are always developing targeted group training events for kids, aspiring aviators, student pilots, and experienced pilots alike.

Only at Simtech do you get the following:

  • Team of professional flight instructors bringing their airline flying experience to every lesson.
  • More accurate and higher fidelity simulator technology
  • Increased overall training credit toward Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot, and Air Transport Pilot certificates.

We have had clients report, when they leave Manhattan Flight Club and join us at Simtech, that MFC will host unstructured, non-educationally focused, meet-ups for its members in a very casual setting.

Manhattan Flight Club can’t come close to providing the same overall experience. In other words — they can’t touch this.