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Ready Roger Remote Flight Instruction

Virtual Aviation Lesson!

We are offering Remote Flight Instruction via ReadyRoger. We can work with you virtually, providing you with ground lessons or lessons in your flight simulator lessons.

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We have an extensive collection of FREE Flight Training videos for you to study on our YouTube Channel.

Our Remote Lessons are not only using a Flight Simulator.

We can cover just about anything aviation related. Here are some examples of how our instructors can work with you remotely:

Private Pilot:

  • Aviation Weather
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Aircraft Systems
  • Written Preparation
  • Check-ride Preparation
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Instrument Rating:

  • Briefing Instrument Procedures
  • Explaining Instrument Procedures
  • Written Exam Explanations
  • ATC Communication
  • Check-ride Preparation

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)

  • Explain Maneuvers
  • Explain Theory
  • Get feedback from experienced CFI

All of our Remote Aviation Instruction is designed to give you the knowledge you need for your flight training.

Do you have a Flight Simulator at home? Yes, we can give you instructions and help you use them as a fundamental training tool. A basic Joystick and a computer with a Flight Simulator are all your need.

Are you a parent looking for aviation instruction for your kid?

We have no age limit for our remote flight instruction. It is not a video game!