Simtech Aviation


Share your passion for aviation with the next generation of pilots while working as an active pilot.

Flight instruction is one of the most rewarding jobs in aviation!
But it’s challenging to be an instructor AND a full-time pilot.

Teaching aviation with a simulator is the best way to do both!

Our instructors (who actively fly for Regionals, Low Cost Carriers, and Major airlines in the US) love teaching with a simulator because it gives them the opportunity to connect more with their students and worry less about logistics.

Flight Instructing allows you to share your knowledge and passion with students who are eager to learn. It’s rewarding to watch students grow and succeed!

Teaching aviation on a flight simulator is a great way to have quality instruction time with student pilots.

No more worrying about:

  • Last-minute cancelled flights due to weather
  • The time-consuming logistics of flying
  • Liability of flying and teaching in an airplane

Instead, look forward to:

  • A more social, interactive setting to teach in
  • More time to focus on the student
  • Logging your instruction hours
  • Working around your schedule
  • Convenient location (midtown Manhattan)
  • Teaching advanced procedures
  • Working alongside fellow active airline pilots
  • Making a positive impact on pilots’ lives


We welcome active pilots who are passionate about aviation to join our team of instructors.

To Apply: Fill out our online application