Excel in Your Flight Training Journey
with Our FAA-Certified Flight Simulator

Flight Training Lessons

Our certified instructors guide you through tailored lessons, whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot seeking advanced training. Our professional setting and expert-led sessions ensure a comprehensive flight education.


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Solo Sessions: Take the controls!

Designed for Student Pilot Certificate or higher, our solo sessions let you practice at your own pace. Enhance your skills, stay instrument current, prepare for checkrides, and practice what you have been doing in the airplane with your instructor.


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In-Person Events!

Young boy engaging in a flight simulator experience with an instructor at Aviator.NYC Kids Group Event, promoting hands-on learning about aviation

Aviator NYC Kids’ Flight Experience


Date & Time: March 2nd, 2024, 11:00 AM
Duration: Under 2 hours
Location: 31 Varick St, New York

Fly high at our Group Kids Event!
Engage your child’s curiosity with our interactive flight simulator experience. Designed for kids (4-6 per group) to ensure personalized attention, they’ll explore the basics of aviation through fun discussions and hands-on flight simulation, all for just $40. Parents can enjoy our comfortable waiting area. Space is limited – reserve your child’s spot today!


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Elevate your flight skills with our Instrument Rating Training in an AATD, a premier program designed to transition pilots from visual to instrument flight rules seamlessly. Experience the blend of advanced technology and expert guidance.

  • Advanced Simulator Training: Train with our AATD featuring G1000NXi software for realistic instrument flight rule navigation.
  • Expert Instruction: Benefit from 20 hours of tailored training led by seasoned airline pilots in a Part 61 environment.
  • Comprehensive Skills Development: Master universally applicable procedures and integrate advanced tech like ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot for a seamless transition from VFR to IFR flying.

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Embark on your aviation journey with our program for New Pilots seeking a Private Pilot Certificate. Our state-of-the-art simulators and tailored training paths are designed to elevate your flying skills efficiently and effectively.

  • Realistic Simulator Environment: Utilize FAA Certified Advanced Aviation Training Devices for immersive flight training without having to leave NYC.
  • Tailored and Efficient Learning: Receive personalized training that aligns with your individual goals, optimizing your learning experience.
  • Strategic and Cost-Effective Progression: Each hour in our simulators counts toward your pilot progress. 2.5 hours count for the Private Pilot Certificate, and up to 50 hours count towards the 250 needed for a Commercial Certificate.

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Inspire the next generation of aviators with our Youth Aviation Program, a comprehensive journey into the world of aviation for young enthusiasts aged 9 to 14. It's more than flight training; it's about nurturing passion and ambition.

  • Early Aviation Introduction: Provide children with early and unique exposure to aviation, sparking a lifelong interest in the field.
  • Comprehensive Development: Cultivate confidence, problem-solving skills, and a broader vision of future possibilities in aviation and beyond.
  • Prepared Pathway: Foster a lasting passion for aviation and ensure a well-prepared foundation for advanced training and successful future endeavors.

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Maintain or regain your instrument currency with our Instrument Currency program. Featuring FAA Safety Wings programs and realistic flight scenarios, our services ensure that your instrument flying skills remain sharp and up-to-date.

  • FAA Safety Wings Programs: Participate in tailored activities to maintain proficiency, with options for both instructor-led and solo simulator sessions.
  • Realistic and Regular Training: Engage in challenging flight scenarios and ensure consistent practice to maintain instrument flying proficiency.
  • Engagement and Skill Evolution: Keep your instrument flying skills engaged and evolving, integrating the latest techniques and best practices.

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For seasoned pilots aiming to navigate the complexities of modern aviation, our Advanced Instruction program offers expert-led training, high-fidelity simulators, and a comprehensive approach to mastering diverse aircraft types and scenarios.

  • Expert-Led Advanced Instruction: Receive mentorship from experienced airline pilots in state-of-the-art simulators.
  • Career-Oriented Training: Tailored for various aviation backgrounds paths, including non-career pilots preparing for single-pilot jets, flight instructors, transitioning helicopter pilots, and military pilots.
  • Comprehensive Skill Enhancement: Embrace the challenge of modern aviation, enhancing your skills and knowledge to meet the highest standards of airmanship and professionalism required training for your next aircraft.

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Meet Our Instructors

We believe in the power of real-world experience. Our season instructors, who are also active airline pilots, bring their hands-on expertise to each and every lesson, providing you with the best possible flight training experience.

This approach is the key to success in flight training and we are dedicated to helping you reach pilot training goals.

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A Weekday Solution for Weekend Flyers

If you’re someone who flies on weekends, you may encounter various challenges that can disrupt your flight training schedule. These challenges include personal obligations, unpredictable weather, maintenance needs, and limited availability of instructors and aircrafts. However, our flight simulator facility in Lower Manhattan provides a solution.  Even when your weekend flights get canceled, you can still work towards your training goals during the week.

Our simulator facility,  we offer sessions that cater to your specific training level. These sessions provide comprehensive learning opportunities and can be customized to your training level. You'll spend valuable time on practical ground knowledge, which directly applies to your in-flight performance. Additionally, our simulator is FAA-certified, allowing you to make steady progress in your flight training without leaving Manhattan.

We believe in the importance of personalized Flight Instruction!

We emphasize personalized Flight Instruction! Our experienced instructors and FAA-certified flight simulator provide a unique learning experience. We blend traditional resources with one-on-one guidance to give you the best flight training.

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What Pilots Have to Say about Aviator.nyc Training:

Aviator.nyc, with its top-notch flight simulator in Manhattan, provided me with the perfect preparation for the transition to the Airline Training coming from instructing. As an instrument flight instructor, I found the personalized training and state-of-the-art simulator invaluable in honing my skills. I highly recommend Aviator.nyc for both instructors seeking airline prep and students working on their instrument rating. With their tailored approach and excellent instruction, you'll be confident and ready to tackle your aviation goals. Aviator.nyc really helped me prepare for training at my airline and I felt that I had an upper hand entering my airline training. It is a great place to improve and learn, from airline transition to instrument students trying to increase their skills.


Jan B. 
 August 01, 2023

I've had the pleasure of undertaking remote flight instruction with Julian, and the experience has been truly outstanding. Despite my West Coast location, Julian's commitment to accommodate time differences made for a seamless process, offering flexibility for sessions even during unconventional hours.

Utilizing my home flight simulator on a laptop, our lessons were both practical and engaging. Julian’s proficiency in employing the Garmin G1000 system and IFR procedures made complex topics understandable.

His extensive airline background, combined with an effective teaching approach, streamlined my learning experience. Through Julian's detailed ground school sessions and comprehensive check ride prep, I've gained invaluable insights for my instrument rating.

His ability to translate his experience and knowledge into digestible instruction is commendable. Aviator.nyc / readyroger.com remote flight instruction service stands out not only for its quality and depth but also for its respect for student's time and convenience. His broad industry knowledge and approachable teaching techniques make him an excellent choice for anyone seeking to improve their aviation skills.

Alex A.
June 4, 2023

I struggled to complete my instrument rating because living in the city I couldn't find the time to regularly go fly procedures with enough frequency to build the muscle memory. Aviator.nyc allowed me to not only practice frequently, but it saved me money since I got to use the simulator for some of my hours, and it also taught me procedures for how to brief and think about approaches so that when I got in the actual plane I was ready to fly the approaches rather than struggling to learn them and wasting expensive time. I continue to go there for instrument currency.


Srinivasa R.
May 5, 2023

Julian helped me train and prepare for my Instrument Rating, which I passed on the first attempt. A lot of my preparation and success came from my training sessions with Julian.

...Julian helped me with everything from the basics of instrument training (attitude flying), to building flight plans, navigation, holds & hold entries, and of course many, many approaches.

I found that when I was in the plane, there were things that weren't clicking, and I'd take them to Julian to work through. The next time in the plane I had it all mastered and my flight instructor was really impressed.

Additionally, Julian walked me through multiple oral exam preparation sessions remotely over Zoom to help me identify and cover gaps in the knowledge.

Highly, highly recommend working with Julian for your training.


Brian D,
Jan 14, 2023

My experience working with Julian was tremendously pleasant throughout the whole session.
If I can turn back time, I will schedule Julian and his team for airline preparation as early as possible so that way I won't be washed out. Julian teaching style is tailor to individuals no matter zero time or airline pilot level. The amount of quality training is priceless. At the end of day you'll realize flight is nothing but joyful but the key is working with a good instructor. Appreciate your mentoring and honest opinion. Thank you so much Julian.


Liam Y.
February 08, 2023

Julian was a crucial part of passing my instrument check ride. It was convenient and inexpensive to do much of my training at home remotely. I still even use this training to prep for and virtually fly and challenging flight before getting in the plane. Highly recommend.


Alex A.
June 4th, 2023

Julian’s guidance was critical to me passing my instrument checkride on the first try. I’ve had about 5 instrument instructors and Julian was by far the most experienced. I’d recommend him to anyone trying to improve their instrument flying.



Dan S.
June 3, 2023

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