Your Flight Training Journey with Our FAA-Certified Flight Simulator

Flight Training Lessons

Our certified instructors guide you through tailored lessons, whether you're a beginner or an experienced pilot seeking advanced training. Our professional setting and expert-led sessions ensure a comprehensive flight education.


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Flight Simulator
Solo Sessions!

These sessions are perfect for anyone with a Student Pilot Certificate or higher. Keep your instrument skills sharp, get ready for checkrides, and reinforce the maneuvers and procedures you've learned with your instructor—all on your own.


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In-Person Events!

Young boy engaging in a flight simulator experience with an instructor at Aviator.NYC Kids Group Event, promoting hands-on learning about aviation

Aviator NYC Kids’ Flight Experience


Date & Time: June 8th, 2024, 11:00 AM
Duration: Under 2 hours
Location: 31 Varick St, New York

Fly high at our Group Kids Event!
Engage your child’s curiosity with our interactive flight simulator experience. Designed for kids (4-6 per group) to ensure personalized attention, they’ll explore the basics of aviation through fun discussions and hands-on flight simulation, all for just $40. Parents can enjoy our comfortable waiting area.

Space is limited – reserve your child’s spot today!


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Instrument Rating Training in an AATD

Elevate your flight skills with our Instrument Rating Training in an AATD, a premier program designed to transition pilots from visual to instrument flight rules seamlessly. Experience the blend of advanced technology and expert guidance.

From Steam Gauge to G1000:

Our simulator training, adaptable for all skill levels, smoothly transitions pilots from steam gauge to G1000 avionics, emphasizing procedural knowledge over specific equipment familiarity.

Week-Long Immersion Program:

Our Week-Long Immersion Program to complete the 20 IFR training hours on the Garmin G1000 AATD efficiently, with two sessions per day. Affordable hotels nearby.

Maximize with Our Pre-Flight Brief:

Enhance your understanding of complex IFR topics and improve training effectiveness with our pre-lesson strategy, providing essential study materials via email before each session.


New Pilots - Private Pilot Certificate

Embark on your aviation journey with our program for New Pilots seeking a Private Pilot Certificate. The mix of our flight simulators, experience instructors, and tailored training paths are designed to make the in-airplane flight training less daunting.

Maintaining Momentum Between Flights

The journey to a Private Pilot Certificate is demanding, requiring significant dedication. Our flight simulators are the perfect tool for consistent practice, particularly for weekend aviators, helping maintain and sharpen your flying skills even when away from the airport

Flight Training

Maximize your pilot training with up to 2.5 hours in our AATD simulator for your Private Pilot Certificate, with additional hours reducing aircraft learning time and counting towards the FAA's 50-hour Commercial Certificate requirement.

Streamlined Briefings from Day One:

Each session begins with essential briefings on topics including Electronic Flight Bag, weather, airspace, and more, moving beyond traditional models where such key lessons wait for bad weather days.

Youth Aviation Program

Inspire the next generation of aviators with our Youth Aviation Program, a comprehensive journey into the world of aviation for young enthusiasts aged 9 to 14. It's more than flight training; it's about nurturing passion and ambition.

Early Aviation Introduction

Introducing children to aviation early on can ignite a lifelong passion for the skies. Our program offers a unique and captivating exposure to the world of flying, planting the seeds of curiosity and enthusiasm for aviation.


Our goal is to cultivate a deep-rooted love for aviation, ensuring young enthusiasts have a strong base for further education and future achievements in any field. By fostering this passion early, we set the stage for successful, advanced training and careers in or outside of  aviation.

Comprehensive Development

We aim to develop more than just future pilots. Our program nurtures confidence, enhances problem-solving capabilities, and opens young minds to the vast possibilities within aviation and other fields, laying a solid foundation for personal and professional growth.


Instrument Currency

Maintain or regain your instrument currency with our Instrument Currency Mastery Program. Featuring FAA Safety Wings programs and realistic flight scenarios, our services ensure that your instrument flying skills remain sharp and up-to-date.

Master IFR Proficiency Through Rigorous Training

Elevate your instrument flying proficiency with our rigorous training under realistic Low IFR conditions. Sessions focus on refining key skills such as route planning, ATC communication, and instrument procedures, using the G1000 system. Comprehensive pre and post-flight discussions enhance learning, with each 2-hour lesson contributing to FAA Safety Wings Credits.

Earn FAA WINGS Credits for Safety and Proficiency

Earn credits for the FAA WINGS Program by meeting Instrument-Airplane ACS standards in our scenarios or participating in our accredited Flight Activities. This program is designed to reduce general aviation accidents and encourages continuous skill improvement for safer, more confident flying.

Learn New Techniques from Professional Instructors

Working with our flight instructors, all experienced airline pilots, you'll learn new tips and techniques gained from professional flying. Our team brings a fresh perspective on aviation, going beyond general instruction to include valuable insights into commercial and advanced flying operations.

Active airline pilot instructor from Aviator.nyc guiding a trainee on a FAA Certified Flight Simulator Advanced Aviation Training Device

Advanced Instruction

For seasoned pilots aiming to navigate the complexities of modern aviation, our Advanced Instruction program offers expert-led training, high-fidelity simulators, and a comprehensive approach to mastering diverse aircraft types and scenarios.

Single Pilot Jet Transition

Our program aids pilots transitioning to single-pilot jet operations with a focus on using our G1000 simulator and King Air model. It's designed to enhance instrument knowledge and skills for the fast-paced environment of jet flying, bridging the gap between general aviation and jet operations to boost confidence and proficiency.

Airline Interview Preparation

Airline Interview Prep: Designed for pilots transitioning to commercial aviation, our program focuses on refining the IFR knowledge and skills required by commercial carriers. With targeted briefings and simulator sessions on critical procedures, alongside comprehensive interview preparation, we ensure you're fully equipped for your career advancement.

International Pilots

Enhance your flying skills and safety knowledge on our G1000 simulator, featuring a worldwide navigational database. Our FAA-certified instructors keep your skills sharp, ensuring you meet global standards with an emphasis on FAA regulations, ideal for those aiming to fly in the US.

Solo Users: Tailored Training for Every Level

Solo users can book our FAA Certified flight simulator with no checkout required and will receive an email containing detailed videos and step-by-step instructions, ensuring a smooth and self-guided experience tailored to their skill level.

Student Pilots: Pre-Flight Mastery

Student pilots use our simulator to practice before actual flights, simulating real-life scenarios to boost readiness. It's an ideal space for rehearsing planned flights, ensuring a deep understanding of procedures and building confidence for the checkride.

Instrument Rating: Practice and Precision

For instrument rating candidates, our simulator is key for honing skills and practicing complex procedures without an instructor. It offers a safe environment to prepare for the checkride, emphasizing the importance of correct practice to avoid relearning.

Instrument Currency: Customized Scenarios

Our simulator provides tailored scenarios for NYC pilots to maintain instrument currency, focusing on upcoming IFR trips, challenging approaches, and advanced procedures. These sessions ensure pilots are prepared for real-world IFR flying, keeping skills sharp and confidence high.

Meet Our Instructors

We believe in the power of real-world experience. Our seasoned instructors, who are also active airline pilots, bring their hands-on expertise to each and every lesson, providing you with the best possible flight training experience.

This approach is the key to success in flight training, and we are dedicated to helping you reach your pilot training goals.

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A Weekday Solution for Weekend Flyers

Airline Interview Prep: Designed for pilots transitioning to commercial aviation, our program focuses on refining the IFR knowledge and skills required by commercial carriers. With targeted briefings and simulator sessions on critical procedures, alongside comprehensive interview preparation, we ensure you're fully equipped for your career advancement.

We Believe In The Importance Of Personalized Flight Instruction!

We emphasize personalized Flight Instruction! Our experienced instructors and FAA-certified flight simulator provide a unique learning experience. We blend traditional resources with one-on-one guidance to give you the best flight training.

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