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Beginner Pilots  Flying as a Hobby or Career

Whether you’re simply curious about flying or looking for a fun hobby, a simulator is a great way to explore aviation!


Here is our guide for new pilots to start the journey of Flight Training:


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Customer Stories

I was a student pilot and had 50 hours of instructional experience. A friend suggested it as a good way to resume my flight instruction after a 6 year lapse.
The equipment is state of the art and realistically simulates actual flight. He was very helpful in reacquainting me with the principles of flight, instruments, etc.
I probably would not have resumed my flight lessons since it was not convenient to go to an airport at that point for lessons.
Within a year after I took my first lesson, I passed my written exam, soloed and earned my private pilot certificate.
Gary H.

For kids and adults alike, when we give a gift, we all want to see our loved one’s look of surprise followed by the words, “Wow, this is the best. Gift. Ever.” You could become that gift-giver right now.

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It can be overwhelming to start flight lessons and make sense out of the process. Whether you want to fly as a hobby or as a career, the first step is the same: become a Student Pilot. Here’s how:

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Did life get in the way of your flight training? Refresh your mind and get up to speed on new procedures using a certified simulator.

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Group flight lessons available for all levels for groups of 3-4 people: kids, teens, adults, licensed pilots, co-workers, you name it! 

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Find a Flight School


FIND A FLIGHT SCHOOL (sorry, we only work with simulators) AOPA has a flight school Finder

We encourage you to interview different flight schools.

There may be multiple flight schools in your local area but, do you know what questions to ask? We created a Flight School Interview Checklist!


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