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New Pilot Training

Top three problems that occur during regular flight training in New York City:

simtech aircraft services new york

Hard to Access

If you live or work in NYC it's hard to find a flight school near you. The commute can be time consuming, and by the time you get to the airport to fly, the New York airspace is congested.

Flying aircraft in bad weather

Bad Weather

Flight training sessions have to be postponed or cancelled because of bad weather. Most general aviation airplanes cannot fly in icing conditions, low visibility, or high winds.

Flight school instructors - New York Flight Club

Lack of Quality Instruction

Flight school instructors sometimes need to leave mid-training for other opportunities. Because many are building experience to advance their careers.

Why are Simulators so effective?

This "Sim City" issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores the exciting world of flight simulation. Feature articles focus on the many flight simulation options now available to pilots, as well as how simulation can improve efficiency, efficacy, and overall flight safety. (From November/December 2017)

Does your child dream of flying a plane? “Flying” with us is an easy and inexpensive way to fuel their passion.

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The simulator does not replace all of the flight training in the airplane, but there are skills you must master that are better learned in a simulator. These skills transfer directly to flying the airplane.

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Aviation Gift Certificate New Jersey

Has your loved one always dreamed of becoming pilot?

When we give a gift, we all want to see our loved one’s look of surprise followed by the words, “Wow, this is the best. Gift. Ever.” You could become that gift-giver right now. Our flight simulation gift certificates will put your loved one behind the controls of an airplane from the convenience of Manhattan. State-of-the-art equipment and experienced instructors will guide the way. Give your loved one the gift of flying away while staying close to home.

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