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Simtech Aviation

Beginner Pilots
Flying as a Hobby or Career

Whether you’re simply curious about flying or looking for a fun hobby, a simulator is a great way to explore aviation!


Here is our guide for new pilots to start the journey of Flight Training

For kids and adults alike, when we give a gift, we all want to see our loved one’s look of surprise followed by the words, “Wow, this is the best. Gift. Ever.” You could become that gift-giver right now.

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It can be overwhelming to start flight lessons and make sense out of the process. Whether you want to fly as a hobby or as a career, the first step is the same: become a Student Pilot. Here’s how:

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Did life get in the way of your flight training? Refresh your mind and get up to speed on new procedures using a certified simulator.

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Group flight lessons available for all levels for groups of 3-4 people: kids, teens, adults, licensed pilots, co-workers, you name it! 

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