Simtech Aviation

Licenced Pilots
(Private Pilot Certificate or Above)

Using an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) in Manhattan, you can work on:

  • 20 hours for Instrument Rating
  • Instrument Currency
  • 50 hours for Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Flying Turbo-prop airplanes
  • Learning the nuances of the Garmin G1000/G1000 NXi.

Why Licenced Pilots Love Training With Us:


We are located in Midtown Manhattan


Our instructors are active Airline Pilots


Our AATD Emulates Advanced Aircraft with Garmin G1000NXi

Instrument Rating

We can help you meet those Instrument Rating Flight Training requirements efficiently! Certified simulators are great for learning complex instrument procedures. Plus, you can log up to 20 hours in an AATD! 

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Every pilot knows the difference between legal and safe. Same goes with Currency and Proficiency. Learn how you can stay Instrument Current and Proficient using an AATD.

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Commercial and Instructor Courses

Log up to 50 hours (out of the 250 needed) towards your FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate in our accurate Garmin G1000 Simulator, saving you time avoiding airplane rental, and allowing you to focus more on instrument skills.

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If you been flying as a CFI, Military, or as a Helo pilot becoming a new hire at an airline, it’s inefficient to think about basic instrument procedures while also learning the aircraft systems, 121 regulations, SOPs, and working in a multi-crew environment...

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When you’re trying to make the transition to a real complex airplane with all the features of the G1000, most procedures can feel brand new. We’ve been there, too, and understand how you feel.

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Our Garmin G1000/G1000NXi simulator uses the real airplane navigation database. Meaning,you can practice the instrument procedures from your hometown, during your visit to New York City.

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Are you a certified pilot looking to obtain a remote/drone pilot certificate? You’re in the right place. We'll explain how to go about getting it!

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