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The perfect gift certificate in New York City

Simulator will be available after July 2019

Gift Certificate For Pilot

Do you live in New York City and have a loved one who is a pilot? Well, we have the perfect gift for those who love aviation and right in the heart of Manhattan!

Simtech Aviation, based in Manhattan at 106 W 32nd St, Inside the Yard, New York, NY 10001, can provide them with an FAA-certified flight simulator (the legal term is an Aviation Training Device). We also have certified flight instructors who are active airline pilots with years of experience in instruction and commercial aviation who are ready to share their passion and aviation expertise.

Lessons can be tailored to your level of experience:

Are they new to flying?

Student Pilot Private Pilot 2

Doing one or a few lessons with the simulator before flight training in the aircraft helps prepare and give a more thorough understanding of what to expect in the air.

Students will be introduced to aircraft controls, learn about airport diagrams and charts and be given the opportunity to learn or improve their radio communication skills. Actually flying the simulator helps improve students sight picture during takeoff and landing, level flight and descents. After a few sessions in the simulator a student will be better prepared for their first flying lesson in the aircraft and at a fraction of the cost of renting an airplane!

At the end of the first lesson, students will receive a pilot logbook.


Are they under 16?

Kid in Aviation New York City blue

Our interest in aviation often starts at an early age. There is no better way to explore that interest than in the safety of our flight simulator. As they learn about flying from experienced professional pilots eager to impart their skills to the next generation of aviators.

Student or Private Pilot?

Instrument Currency in AATD

We will tailor the lesson to meet his or her stage of training with challenging immersive instruction to help prepare them for real world flying.

Instrument Rated?

Instrument Pilot Rating Course

Guess what? Instrument flying is our specialty! Your gift could get your loved one two hours closer to obtaining their instrument rating and our instructors have the real-life experience of instrument flying, allowing your loved you to get top quality training.

It simulates most Flight Training Airplanes.



Diamond DA40-G1000


Cessna 172 G1000 NXi Flight School


Here’s How It Works To Stay Active with Your Flight Training

Purchase a gift certificate for two hours of simulator time and use the code on your voucher.

When you are ready to redeem your gift certificate, book a lesson with certified flight instructor.

Note: Since our instructors are active airline pilots their availability schedules vary. If you don’t see a date and time that works for you send us and email or call and we can help scheduling the lesson.

Don't see the date you need?
Send us an Email: [email protected]

Attend the lesson at your scheduled time at our Manhattan Location:

 106 W 32nd St, Inside the Yard, New York, NY 10001

What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

Julian and his team provide a time efficient way to pilot training right in Manhattan. Multiple locations, flight conditions, combined with Pilot Edge that is a “live” ATC is both highly effective and convenient. I highly recommend this training for any student pilot who wants to practice in Manhattan without the hassles of getting out to an airport. I have learned a lot from Julian which I am incorporating into my flight studies.

Garry H.

Julian was My flight instructor. I can not emphasize enough his level of expertise, professionalism and class. If anyone is lucky enough to do business with Julian you’ll find it a pleasure. I trust Julian with my life. Come to think of it I have. Many times. Easily 5 Stars plus.

George M.

Maintaining proficiency not just currency should be the goal of any instrument rated pilot. Julián and his team provide one of the most time efficient ways to do so for Manhattan residents. The use of multiple situations across the country and in different flight conditions combined with Pilot Edge that creates live ATC interaction, is highly effective. Add Julian’s enthusiasm and knowledge transmission from his day job as United Express pilot and you have training that can’t be beat for any private pilot. I really recommend this training for any pilot looking to materially improve safety margins in their day to day live flying.

Mark Y.

Simtech Aviation is very accommodating when it comes to working around your schedule. The training is top notch, I find using the simulator for IFR currency is a great way to stay sharp while staying away from real danger. I strongly suggest giving Simtech Aviation a try!

Aaron D. 

I always have our daughters (14 and 16) experienced something new when the opportunity arises. This time we were in vacation in NYC, and I came across with Simtech Aviation. Booking was very easy, accurate and the instructor, Julian was incredible. They had a great time using the simulator, so much that now they want to become pilots when they get older. Highly recommended!

Ximena M.

Training with Julian was very valuable. Much more efficient to practice IFR work in the sim rather than the airplane. Julian could pause the approaches to point out issues, recommend corrections, then I would go back to re-do just those phases that were giving me trouble. Unlike many instructors, Julian is an experienced, active airline pilot. I learned a lot from his real world experience!

David M.

Julian is compassionate and patient, and also very knowledgeable in aviation. It has been great to get to know him and learn from him.

Peter E.

I've trained with Simtech Aviation on a few occasions - not just to stay IFR current, but also to be challenged and maintain proficiency. As an active airline pilot, Julian brings a wealth of experience and teaches the type of thinking pilots do on the flight deck of a commercial jet. Simtech Aviation/Julian is top notch instruction.

Jeremy M.

Simtech Aviation is very accommodating when it comes to working around your schedule. The training is top notch, I find using the simulator for IFR currency is a great way to stay sharp while staying away from real danger. I strongly suggest giving Simtech Aviation a try!

Aaron D.

Julian is the ACE flight instructor. He is patient, passionate, and professional. The three most important things everyone need to master in flight and in life. Personally, Julian has been my flight instructor for almost 5 years. In between I have had some instruction from others, (simply because of scheduling issues) I must say the difference is night and day. If you don't believe me, give me a try, and you'll know I'm right.

David J.

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Give a gift, get a gift!

A gift certificate for a flight simulation lesson will kick-start your loved one’s piloting experience.

Plus, a pilot logbook where you can keep records of your flight training like a pro!

Pre-order a gift certificate before July* and get $50 off your next training session.

*The simulator will be available in July.