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Simtech Aviation

The Gift of Flight Simulation Training

Our flight simulation gift certificates will put your loved one behind the controls of an airplane from the convenience of Manhattan

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Customer Stories

For as long as I can remember I’ve been curious about flight training and traveling to local military air shows with my family. Never taking the next step until my wife gave me a 2-hour flight lesson gift certificate at Simtech Aviation.

Living/working in NYC doesn’t make traveling to an airport for a lesson practical or time-efficient.

That’s where the brilliance of Simtech right in NYC came in. The convenience of having a state of the art flight simulator taught by professional pilots guiding me to my student pilot certification easy and enjoyable.

Thanks to Simtech  I am now prepping for my FAA knowledge test. Simtech Aviation continues to support my flight training with friendly pilots who enjoy teaching all levels. If you are interested in starting your dream of flying, Simtech Aviation is a fantastic place to help you achieve your goals.

John M.

The perfect gift for aspiring pilots in New York City

State-of-the-art FAA-Certified flight simulator

Experienced instructors who are active airline pilots

Located in Manhattan: close to many trains, including Penn Station and Herald Square


Pilot Logbook is included with each gift certificate!

Because the Simulator and the instructor is FAA Certified, each lesson counts as Aeronautical Experience, regardless of the  experience level. If they already have one, make sure you bring it to the lesson!

At the end of the lesson, the instructor will make a entry on the pilot logbook!

Are they new to flying?


No sweat. We can teach them everything they need to know from flight controls to flying the plane. And when they want to fly a real airplane, they’ll feel confident in their core skill sets.

Are they under 16?


Interest in aviation often starts at an early age. There is no better way to explore than from the safety of our flight simulator.

Student or Private Pilot?


We will prepare them for real world flying and what to expect in the air.

Earning an Instrument Rating?

Instrument Rating Gift Certificate-01

Instrument flying is our specialty! Your gift gets your loved one two hours closer to obtaining their instrument rating from instructors specifically trained in it.

They can practice on many types of Flight Training Airplanes:





Cessna Caravan 208B-G1000 NXi_Simtech_Aviation_New_York-01


Select The Duration of the Lesson

s2 Hour* Gift Certificates are ideal for:

  • Kids over 13 years old
  • New Pilots
  • Experienced Pilots

* Valid for 12 months,  no-cash value, non-refundable.

1 Hour* Gift Certificates are ideal for:

    • Kids between 10-13 Years Old

* Valid for 12 months, no-cash value, non-refundable.

What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

A really fantastic set-up to practice, learn or gain new skills. This can help at any stage of your flying career. The team takes the time to find out what you are trying to achieve and is incredibly supportive. Well worth a visit!


Bobby L.

When you live in the city getting to a flight school can be tough…If you want something convenient to help keep your skills fresh, try training at this facility and ask for Julian. It helps keeps the rust off and more! I highly recommend it.


Kathleen S.

Julian and his team provide a time-efficient way to pilot training right in Manhattan. Multiple locations, flight conditions, combined with Pilot Edge that is a “live” ATC is both highly effective and convenient. I highly recommend this training for any student pilot who wants to practice in Manhattan without the hassles of getting out to an airport.


Garry H.

Julian is the ACE flight instructor. He is patient, passionate, and professional. The three most important things everyone need to master in flight and in life.


David J.

Steps for Take Off!

Purchase a gift certificate for two hours with us and use the code on your certificate.

When you are ready to redeem your gift certificate, book a lesson with one of our certified flight instructors.

See you there!

When You’re Happy, We’re Happy


Flexible Cancellation Policy

Get a full refund if you cancel through the website at least 24 hours before the lesson.


First Lesson Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with your first lesson? Let us know within 48 hours of the lesson date, and we’ll refund your lesson.