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Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 501

UPDATE: Unfortunately tomorrow’s cold front passage around 10:00am makes it impossible to have our Young Eagles event. Low cloud ceilings, strong wind and rain showers are all in the forecast. The 3/31 Y.E. event is therefore canceled. The next Young Eagles event on our schedule is in August but we will be looking to possibly … Read more

Are you ready for the brief? How to Brief an FAA Chart

Instrument Approach Brief should be short, sweet and to the point. Many pilots pay too much emphasis, on the wrong items, overlooking the real items that matter.

Issues of Flight Training in NYC

Is Flying Once Per Week Enough? You live in New York City, and you been bitten by the flying bug. Your new goal is to earn a private pilot certificate. In 2017 according to the U.S. Civil Airmen Statistics, there were 149,121 active Student Pilots and 162,455 active private pilots. Those numbers also include foreign pilots … Read more

Career Pilot


Path to Become a Professional Pilot Becoming a Career Pilot The first step into becoming a professional pilot is to earn a Private Pilot Certificate in a Single Engine Airplane. With a Private Pilot Certificate, you can fly an airplane as a hobby, only fly in good weather conditions, and split the cost of operating … Read more

Instrument Currency and Proficiency

How To Use An ATD To Stay Instrument Current or IPC Maintaining instrument currency in NYC is very time consuming and with the new changes in the regulation in 2018, there is no reason NOT to stay instrument current. Staying instrument current using an Aviation Training Device (ATD), should be as easy as flying an airplane … Read more

Instrument Rating Training Guide

Flight Instrument Rating Guide How to get instrument rated and incorporate a flight simulator in your training Instrument Flight Training Steps Stage 1: Instrument Flying Skills – Expect to spend about  7 hours Flight Training + 7 hours of Ground.* Phase 1: Developing Instrument Skills— In this phase you learn preflight preparation for IFR flight, instrument … Read more

Steps to Get Your Private Pilot License

Private Pilot License Training The Steps to get your private pilots license Stage 1: Pre-Solo – Expect to spend about 18hrs flight training and 13hrs ground time with instructor.* Phase 1: Learning Your Airplane- In this phase you learn what makes your airplane fly, how to control your airplane in flight, and how to know if your … Read more

Approach Setup and Brief

How to Set Up for Instrument Approach Free Consultation Login Training on How to Set Up for Instrument Approach Enroute to Approach segment. Depending on your altitude you should pick up the ATIS/AWOS about 40-50nm away from your destination. If you have an airplane with ADSB, you can look at the METAR, and looking the … Read more

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