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Certified Pilot  Obtaining A Remote Pilot Certificate?

You’re in the right place. Below we explain how to go about getting it!

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First, you need to have a pilot certificate, have a current flight review, and had accomplished the FAA Safety Team’s online course. If you meet this requirements we can more forward!

You can now fill out a IACRA form and meet with a certified instructor to get your remote pilot certificate.

Because our instructors are FAA-certified, we can sign off on an IACRA, which helps you avoid having to drive to the airport.

The best way to do this (as explained on the AOPA website):

Take the Online Course

  1. Take the FAA Safety Team’s online course ALC-451 and obtain a copy of the online course completion certificate.
  2. Apply for the remote pilot certificate through the FAA’s Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) or in writing using the paper application. AOPA recommends applying online because of the significantly shorter processing time.

Online Application

  • Register in the FAA’s IACRA system as an “applicant.” Be sure to retain your username, password, and FAA tracking number (FTN).
  • We recommend to write your FTN in the front or back of your pilot logbook as that number is not going to change.
  • Submit an online application for a remote pilot certificate using IACRA.
  • Meet with one of our certificated flight instructor (CFI)
  • Provide the CFI with the following information:
    • Valid identification (e.g., driver’s license, passport)
    • Online course completion certificate
    • FAA-issued pilot certificate
    • Documentation or endorsement showing current flight review (FAR 61.56)
    • IACRA application ID number
    • FAA tracking number
  • You can submit copies of this document at the time of booking your meeting. Allowing us to have everything ready, before we meet.
  • Obtain a temporary certificate and begin exercising the privileges of your remote pilot certificate.
  • Your FAA-issued permanent certificate will arrive in the mail.

After you submit the required documents online, book a meeting with an instructor. The in-person completion of the application should take no more than 1 hour.