What Is the Best Airport for flight training if you live in New York City?

The closest flight training airports to New York City are in New Jersey, Long Island and White Plains.


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Let's start with the obvious: Newark Airport, JFK, LaGuardia, and Teterboro ARE NOT Flight training airports.

If you live in New York City, you are liable to pick the lesser of several evils.

If you are looking to do your flight training in Long Island:

Long Island, NY: The two most popular airports are Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP) and Farmingdale Republic Airport (KFRG). There are also other airports such as:

Brookhaven Airport (KWV), Francis S Gabreski Airport (KFOX),  East Hampton Airport (KHTO).

Farmingdale Republic Airport (KFRG)

This is one of the busiest airports in the area! Many people from Brooklyn and Queens and, of course, Long Island use Republic as the primary flight training airport. It is not uncommon to wait 30-45minutes when the airport is busy to get off the ground. It takes over an hour to reach Farmingdale Republic Airport via LIRR from Penn Station on the Ronkonkoma line.

Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP)

The airport operates under class Charlie airspace with a fully operational control tower. There is some commercial traffic, but it is less busy than surrounding airports, and by all reports, time spent taxiing and waiting for takeoff is minimal. It will take about 2 hours to drive to MacArthur Airport from New York City.

White Plains Airport (KHPN)

Located about 1:30 minutes north of New York City, you can reach White Plains Airport from Penn Station and Grand Central. A mix of General Aviation, Corporate aviation, and limited Airline service makes for challenging operations.

New Jersey flight training airports are:

Morristown Municipal Airport (KMMU),  Essex County Airport (KCDW),  Linden Airport (KLDJ), Lincoln Park Airport (N07).

There are other airports: Solberg-Hunterdon Airport (N51), Somerset Airport (KSMQ),  Flying W Airport (N14), Central Jersey Regional Airport (47N), Princeton Airport(39N).

Essex County Airport (KCDW)

Is less busy than Farmingdale Republic Airport. Several of flight school options. Essex County Airport is about 45-1:30 minutes from NYC.  NJ Transit operates a bus Route (# 46) from the Port Authority. Make sure you use the app or buy tickets before getting on the bus.

Morristown Municipal Airport (KMMU)

Is about 1 to 2 hours from New York City. Public transportation is available via NJ Transit from Penn Station to Morristown Station on the “Morris & Essex Line.” Morristown Municipal is one of the biggest General Aviation Airports in the area.

Lincoln Park Airport (N07)

It is the only non-towered airport near New York City, but it has a restaurant at the airport. There is service on NJ Transit from both Penn Station and the Port Authority. Lincoln Park Airport serves Primarily as a helicopter training field.

Linden Airport (KLDJ)

The only thing that is charming about Linden Airport is the location. However, its location just south of Newark can present a very challenging environment for a new pilot. There are only two flight schools at Linden Airport. There are also helicopter operations.


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