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Simtech Aviation

Lessons and Membership Pricing!

Try it out! Book a single lesson to see how you like training with us

We’re so confident our flight training will exceed your expectations. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

Enjoyed your lesson?

Consider signing up for a membership!

If you buy an “Annual Membership” within two weeks of your lesson, we’ll discount $190 towards your annual membership!

Membership Plans

When you sign up for our membership you are paying a one-time fee for the simulator. The instructor rate is NOT included but is discounted for members.

Check out our membership options:

Want more than one lesson but not a membership?

Buy a bundle of lessons: Instructor Rate $90hr, Flight Simulator Rate $40hr.

Airplane vs Simulator Cost

Calculate how much money you’ll save if you switch to training regularly with our simulator!

  • 2020 Summer Special ($125/mo + $90/hr)
  • Annual Membership ($875/yr + $85/hr)
  • Semi-Annual Membership ($575/6mo + $90/hr)
  • Hourly Rate (Sim: $80/hr + Instructor: $100/hr)

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

When You’re Happy, We’re Happy


Flexible Cancellation Policy

Get a full refund if you cancel through the website at least 24 hours before the lesson.


First Lesson Satisfaction Guarantee

Not happy with your first lesson? Let us know within 48 hours of the lesson date, and we’ll refund your lesson.