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Simtech Aviation

Kids and Teens In Aviation

Allowing kids of any age to explore aviation from the safety of a flight simulator in NYC.

Costumer Stories


In 2019 I realized my son was struggling with math. I would observe him at home and realized every spare moment he had he would watch airplane simulation videos. He then set up his simulation on the living room tv and spent many hours immersed in flight simulation. 

One day I sat down and began watching him and it was at this time I realized he really has a passion for flying. The next day I began searching for programs that could help him fuel his passion and immediately came across Simtech Aviation. 

I sent an email and within the hour I received a reply. After speaking with Julian who thoroughly explained the program he told me my son could come in for a 1 hour session and if we did not like it he would refund our money.

 I surprised my son with his 1st session and I knew he would love it. My sons first instructor was Peter who was so patient! 

He gave him the textbooks that he would need along with his pilot log and cap. Ever since I tapped into my sons passion for flying and enrolled him into this program his math grades turned around tremendously. 

He became more focused and serious in his math class just as he is during simulation and graduated 1 week ago from the 8th grade with First Honors and a silver medal in math. He SURPRISED us all.

 I would strongly recommend Simtech Aviation. 

The program is flexible and accommodating. They work with you to make it affordable and enjoyable for the kids. The instructors are VERY pleasant. I also want to commend this program for keeping in touch with my son during this COVID quarantine and even when he is out of state on vacation. 

They continue to keep him engaged through live instructor lead simulation videos even when he is not in their presence. 

Julian also provides homework assignments that he completes at home. He can reach out anytime he has questions and Julian is available. 

I can not emphasize how thoroughly pleased I am with Simtech Aviation and strongly recommend this program. 

Ingrid Spears, RN Mom of Caiden Spears 


Jonas has liked flight and the idea of flight for a long time.  When he was a toddler, his grandmother used to tell me that when they'd take walks together, she wasn't sure that he'd ever stop running ahead, that "he's always flying!"  When he was 2 he used to point up to the sky every time a plane was overhead.  The love of airplanes never went away, whether it was making a virtual airline, or collecting model airplanes or constructing airports, the idea of flight always intrigued him.  We finally gave Jonas a trip to Simtech (I found them with a Google search for "flight school NYC") as a Christmas present at age 12.

The simulator allows Jonas to feel like he's going to be very prepared for his first real training experience in the cockpit of an airplane.  He'll have developed a confident and advanced understanding of the G1000 panel and the controls.  If you make mistakes on a simulator, it's easy to just get back in the air, he says.  Learning on a simulator just lets you learn in a relaxed way.

Julian gives Jonas videos to watch on his own that are very helpful so he can get a richer understanding of what's happening in the lessons.  Once he sees what the controls do, and how they operate, then it's easier for him to understand the content that Julian will be teaching in the next lesson.  In an in-person lesson, Jonas says you do get a certain hands-on relationship to the switches, but that it's also been enriching to get fuller content from the videos to supplement his understanding in advance.  He's going to breeze through his encounters with the machinery once he can get back to in-person lessons, because by that time his understanding will be so high.  In this way, it saves me some money.  There will be less time explaining and more time "flying."

Alicia H. 


I really enjoyed my lesson with Julian. It was both informative and fun. It was a perfect activity during Covid-19, as the simulator instruction is one-on-one with plexiglass for safety.

The instructor and I also wore masks. Some of the things I learned during my first lesson were how to start up the aircraft using a checklist, how to operate the trim tab, and even how to communicate with ATC.

My favorite part was navigating the startup checklist. I would recommend this program to anyone that has hopes of becoming a pilot or even just a love for aviation. I’m looking forward to my next lesson.

Sam B. (Student Pilot)


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What Our Fellow Pilots Have To Say About Us:

I always have our daughters (14 and 16) experienced something new when the opportunity arises. This time we were in vacation in NYC, and I came across with Simtech Aviation. Booking was very easy, and accurate and the instructor, Julian was incredible. They had a great time using the simulator, so much that now they want to become pilots when they get older. Highly recommended!


Ximena M.

I just took my 10-year-old for his first flight lesson. He had so much fun! The teacher (Julian) was both serious about him learning, but fun and patient. We’ll be back for sure, many times I expect.


Jonathan H.

The flight simulator was the real deal. Everybody is super professional and friendly. My 9 years old son had an amazing first flight lesson - the instructor was just perfect.


Sedric S.

My son took a flight lesson with Julian. He had a great time and learned a lot! Julian was patient and willing to answer all his questions. I highly recommend Simtech aviation! It was a wonderful experience


Nancy C.

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When you are ready to redeem your gift certificate, book a lesson with one of our certified flight instructors.