Youth Aviation Program for Aspiring Pilots

Our youth aviation program is designed to ignite passion and curiosity among young enthusiasts. Tailor-made for kids, our flight simulator lessons provide the same high-quality education as our adult courses, yet are crafted to suit their unique learning styles.

Age Requirments for Pilot Certificates

Key Highlights of Aviator.NYC Kids Flight Simulator Lessons

Learn from the Best: Our Instructors

Our instructors aren't just pilots; they're experienced aviators from major airlines who bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective that enriches the learning experience.

Step Up to Real Flight: From Simulation to Sky

Prepare for the thrilling transition from simulators to actual aircraft. We guide young aviators through this exciting progression, ensuring they are ready to take control in the cockpit when they reach the appropriate age—16 for solo flights and 17 for a private pilot's certificate.

Invest in Their Future: Why Choose Our Flight Simulator?

Our FAA Certified flight simulators offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience, designed to count as actual flight time. It’s an investment in your child's future in aviation, with every session bringing them closer to their dreams.

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Start Your Pilot Journey: Earn

Your Private Pilot Certificate

Embarking on your pilot journey is thrilling! A Private Pilot Certificate is your first step, perfect if you’re flying for fun. This certificate allows you to soar the skies as a hobbyist.

Interested in flying as a career? There’s more to learn. Check out our guide on becoming a career pilot and the additional training required at Aviator Career Pilot Training


  • Aeronautical Exirienced for Private PilotTotal Flight Time: You're aiming for at least 40 hours in the sky. Think of it as your aviation adventure baseline.
  • With an Instructor (Dual Training): You'll spend a minimum of 20 hours under the guidance of your co-pilot, your instructor. They'll pass on the essential skills and protocols you need.
  • Flying Solo: Take the controls for at least 10 hours on your own. This is where you prove your mettle and polish your decision-making up in the air.
  • Night Flights: For at least 3 hours, you'll learn to dance with the stars, flying when the sun has clocked out.
  • Instrument Training: Another 3 hours will be dedicated to trusting what's inside the cockpit as much as your own senses, perfecting flying when the horizon hides.
  • Cross-Country Navigation: Fly beyond your local patch with 3 hours alongside your instructor and 5 hours solo, charting courses and crossing the country.
  • Simulator Sessions (ATD): Dedicate 2.5 hours to training in an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD). This time is a valuable component of your pilot education, focusing on mastering basic operations and procedures. Not only does this count towards your initial aeronautical knowledge, but it also contributes to future qualifications.You can log up to 50 hours in an AATD towards your Commercial Pilot Certificate, with 20 of those hours applicable to your Instrument Rating, making your simulator practice an integral part of your flight training journey.

While these are the official checkboxes, remember that most pilots take between 80 to 100 hours before they're truly ready. It's not just about clocking in hours; it's about becoming confident and competent. Each flight is a building block to your dream.

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About Our Flight Simulator:

Step into our simulator, and you'll immediately notice the difference. This isn't just a video game – it's a true-to-life aviation experience.

Our simulator's versatility allows pilots to customize their training experience to their preferred aircraft, ensuring tailored instruction that meets their unique needs and goals. Maximize your training credit with our simulator, offering maximum credit for minimum requirements across various pilot certificates.

Taking the Next Step: Transitioning from Simulator to Real Airplane

After a certain point, it's essential for young pilots to experience the real airplane. Our program prepares them for this transition, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to excel in the flight deck.

With age requirements of 16 for a solo flight in a single-engine airplane and 17 for a private pilot's certificate, our program sets your child up for success.

Learn About Local NY/NJ Airports

Understanding FAA Medical Standards: Important Information for Aspiring Young Pilots and Their Parents

One common concern we encounter is the impact of certain medications, such as those for ADHD, on a young pilot’s eligibility. The FAA conducts detailed assessments to evaluate the influence of such medications on crucial piloting abilities like alertness and judgment.


A medical disqualifier does not automatically end a flying dream. The FAA may grant Special Issuance Authorizations for well-managed conditions that don't compromise safety.


We recommend starting this journey with an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), who will consider your child's medical background to provide personalized advice for obtaining an FAA medical certificate.


Click here for expert recommendations and to find an AME. Even if solo flight requires a medical certificate at age 16, your child can still embark on their flight training journey.

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Discover Lower Manhattan Like a Local

Our Flight Simulator lessons at Aviator.nyc draw families from far and wide into the NYC. After your child’s captivating Flight Simulator experience, set off on a journey through Lower Manhattan with our exclusive, expertly crafted map. Savor the local flavors and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the neighborhoods, truly living like a New Yorker.

Advice for Out-of-Town Parents: Exploring Local Flight Simulation Options

If you're from outside the NYC area, we encourage you to explore youth flight simulator / flight training options at local flight schools. While Aviator.NYC would be thrilled to host your young aviator, convenience and consistency are key for ongoing practice. Many schools may not provide youth instruction, so local inquiries are essential. However, should your local search come up short, remember Aviator.NYC is here, always ready to support your child's aviation ambitions.

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