Youth Aviation Program for Aspiring Pilots

our youth aviation program is designed to spark passion and curiosity in the minds of young aviation enthusiasts. Our flight simulator lessons are tailor-made for kids, providing them with the same high-quality education as adults while accommodating their unique learning styles.

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Age Requirments for Pilot Certificates

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Learn from the Best: Airline Pilots as Instructors

Our team of instructors consists of experienced airline pilots who offer a fresh perspective on aviation, going beyond what your child might see on YouTube or social media. With countless hours spent on flight simulators, kids love to explore the virtual skies. We transform their hobby into a valuable learning experience, teaching them the dedication and hard work needed to become a true pilot.

Invest in Their Future: Flight Simulator Lessons That Count

Our flight simulator lessons not only engage and educate your child, but they also count as flight time for their future aviation career. While this time may not be applicable at the private pilot level, it becomes invaluable later on. Parents often choose to let their kids enjoy the simulator once or twice a month, with real flights as a reward for good report cards.

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Taking the Next Step: Transitioning from Simulator to Real Airplane

After a certain point, it's essential for young pilots to experience the real thing. Our program prepares them for this transition, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to excel in the cockpit. With age requirements of 16 for a solo flight in a single-engine airplane and 17 for a private pilot's certificate, our program sets your child up for success.

airline pilot as instructor for aviator nyc
Youth Aviation Program

Tailored Lessons for Optimal Learning

We recommend a one-hour lesson for kids aged 9-13, with a two-hour lesson for those with longer attention spans. Each lesson includes a preflight briefing, hands-on simulator time, and a post-flight debriefing. Your child will learn about aircraft systems, flight controls, maneuvers, radio communication, and much more, building a solid foundation for their future in aviation.

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Embark on an Exciting Journey

Give your child the opportunity to soar with our Discover the Aviator.nyc youth program. We'll nurture their passion for flight while preparing them for a rewarding future in the skies.

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Most Common FAA Medical Disqualifiers for Young Adults

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires pilots to meet specific medical standards to ensure they can safely operate an aircraft. While each individual case is assessed on its merits, there are some common medical conditions that may disqualify young adults from obtaining or maintaining an FAA medical certificate. Below are some of the most common FAA medical disqualifiers for young adults:

  1. Cardiovascular issues: Conditions such as coronary heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart failure, or a history of heart attack or bypass surgery may be disqualifying.
  2. Neurological disorders: Epilepsy, uncontrolled seizures, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and other neurological conditions may disqualify a pilot from obtaining an FAA medical certificate.
  3. Mental health disorders: Severe anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression requiring medication, schizophrenia, and substance abuse or dependence are some mental health conditions that may be disqualifying.
  4. Diabetes: Insulin-dependent diabetes may disqualify a pilot, but pilots with well-managed diabetes that does not require insulin may be eligible for certification.
  5. Vision problems: Uncorrectable vision issues or color blindness that cannot be resolved with glasses or contact lenses may be disqualifying.
  6. Hearing impairment: A significant hearing impairment that cannot be corrected with hearing aids may disqualify a pilot.
  7. Substance abuse: A history of substance abuse or dependence may disqualify a pilot from obtaining an FAA medical certificate.
  8. Medications: Certain medications, such as those used to treat ADHD or specific psychiatric conditions, may be disqualifying. The FAA evaluates the use of medications on a case-by-case basis.
  9. Sleep disorders: Severe sleep apnea or other sleep disorders may disqualify a pilot if they cannot be effectively managed.
  10. Musculoskeletal issues: Conditions that significantly impair mobility or coordination, such as severe arthritis or amputation, may be disqualifying.

It's important to note that having one of these conditions doesn't automatically mean a young adult will be permanently disqualified from obtaining an FAA medical certificate. In some cases, the FAA may issue a Special Issuance Authorization (SIA) or waiver if the condition is well-managed and does not pose a risk to aviation safety.

If you or someone you know has a medical condition that may be disqualifying, it's essential to consult with an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) who can guide you through the FAA medical certification process and help you determine the best course of action.

Click here to learn about our recommendation on AME.

Absolutely amazing setup, very timely email communications, I can't wait to go back! It is so special to have talented flight instructors right in Manhattan where it's tough to find that great place to learn. I used a coupon received from a family event and knew I needed to get my hours in as soon as I could!


Zac W.
Jan 26, 2022

Our 8 year old son has been obsessed with aviation for nearly 2 years now. It started with some exciting international travel in 2019 which lead to non-stop drawings of planes along with incessant book reading and online videos, many visits to Intrepid and also LI Air & Space and a rapidly building collection of various scale models.

All of this eventually lead to explorations with app-based "flight simulators" which piqued his interest even further, but ultimately seemed a bit complicated to manage without some real instruction (YouTube tutorials were only somewhat helpful and us parents know nothing about flying!). For his 8th birthday, we were looking for a way to level-up his aviation interest and thought about a professional-grade flight simulator lesson, but honestly did not think we would find an instructor willing to work with such a young kid.

We also figured it might be too complicated for his age, so we pursued it thinking at least it could be a fun birthday experience. We found Simtech online and booked a 1 hour lesson online with Julian who was in touch with me immediately regarding lesson details and maintained clear dialogue in the days leading up the lesson.

When we arrived at Simtech, we were impressed with the high-tech, well-organized space ...and the lesson was even more impressive. Julian was incredibly kind and patient with our young child and provided excellent, inspiring instruction. We were blown-away that our son actually gained a reasonable chunk of technical knowledge in just 1 hour ...and he was immediately asking for another lesson!

We booked another 1 hour lesson recently and our son amazingly recalled much of what was taught in the 1st lesson which (in my estimation) was largely due to Julian's teaching style...and we are now ready to book a "student lesson bundle". So, what started as a casual birthday gift is now a more serious skill-building pursuit thanks to the stellar instruction by Julian. I would highly recommend to anyone who thinks their young child might be interested in learning how to fly.


Madhu S.
December 21, 2021

In 2019 I realized my son was struggling with math. I would observe him at home and realized every spare moment he had he would watch airplane simulation videos. He then set up his simulation on the living room tv and spent many hours immersed in flight simulation. 

One day I sat down and began watching him and it was at this time I realized he really has a passion for flying. The next day I began searching for programs that could help him fuel his passion and immediately came across Simtech Aviation.

I sent an email and within the hour I received a reply. After speaking with Julian who thoroughly explained the program he told me my son could come in for a 1 hour session and if we did not like it he would refund our money.

 I surprised my son with his 1st session and I knew he would love it. My sons first instructor was Peter who was so patient! 

He gave him the textbooks that he would need along with his pilot log and cap. Ever since I tapped into my sons passion for flying and enrolled him into this program his math grades turned around tremendously. 

He became more focused and serious in his math class just as he is during simulation and graduated 1 week ago from the 8th grade with First Honors and a silver medal in math. He SURPRISED us all.

 I would strongly recommend Simtech Aviation. 

The program is flexible and accommodating. They work with you to make it affordable and enjoyable for the kids. The instructors are VERY pleasant. I also want to commend this program for keeping in touch with my son during this COVID quarantine and even when he is out of state on vacation. 

They continue to keep him engaged through live instructor lead simulation videos even when he is not in their presence. 

Julian also provides homework assignments that he completes at home. He can reach out anytime he has questions and Julian is available. 

I can not emphasize how thoroughly pleased I am with Simtech Aviation and strongly recommend this program. 


Ingrid S., RN Mom of Caiden S.

The flight simulator was the real deal. Everybody is super professional and friendly. My 9 years old son had an amazing first flight lesson - the instructor was just perfect.


Sedric S.
July 24, 2018

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