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Cirrus G1000 Perspective Simulator in New York or New Jersey?

One common question we get: “Is the Cirrus Perspective available in your simulator?”

One common question we get: “Is the Cirrus Perspective available in your simulator?” Short answer - no; however, most pilots who fly the Cirrus SR20/22 Perspective say it has many of the same features of the Garmin G1000 NXi suite - just in a unique Cirrus presentation. Our simulator models several single and multi-engine aircraft ranging from Cessna 172 to KingAir. While we may not have the keypad controller of the Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective -- we do have everything else. 

You might be wondering: If the Garmin G1000 NXi has all the features of the Cirrus Perspective, but is missing the keypad controller, how proficient will I become in all the advanced features that are part of the G1000 suite? And the higher-level G1000 NXi that is featured within the Cirrus SR20/22 Perspective?

Here’s our take on it: Even if you know how to fly in instrument conditions safely and how to use the G1000, there is always room to advance your skills. Think of the Cirrus SR20/22 Perspective avionics suite as a further evolution of Garmin’s G1000, but catered to the Cirrus airframe. The keypad controller brings a different level of pilot engagement, and the avionics are similar to using an aircraft’s flight management system. Ultimately, beyond the keypad controller, a proficient pilot still needs to know how to manage the G1000 NXi suite and the Garmin Autopilot GFC700. 

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And that’s where Simtech Aviation comes in.

Flying a Cirrus SR2220 Perspective is a lot more than just pressing the “Direct to” button. You have to be familiar with using the integrated autopilot along with the flight management system, all while monitoring your aircraft’s fuel situation, engaging in advanced descent planning as you approach your destination, and, most importantly, being prepared to handle a system malfunction or emergency.

The Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective brings all of this information together in an ergonomic platform.

For our instructors, this is part of their daily life. It is second nature to them, as they do it everyday operating jets. They follow a set schedule of events and maintain situational awareness that has been fostered over years of professional flying and training.

We at Simtech Aviation have noticed that most instructors teaching at the GA level do not have the knowledge nor experience that our instructors have acquired flying as airline pilots.

The Cirrus SR20/22 Perspective have some pretty advanced features, which we use in our airliners, at much faster speeds, and with two pilots. So we ask: Can you keep up with the features and fly it as a single pilot?

Here is just one scenario we use with our customers who fly Cirrus SR20/22 Perspective airplanes:

We will select a G1000 NXi equipped single engine aircraft, such as a Bonanza and load the sim to start in San Luis Obispo (KSBP), California. We then ask the student to get a route to Santa Barbara (KSBA), California, file a flight plan and obtain an IFR clearance using our partners at Virtual ATC, load the flight management system, initialize and verify our routing and vertical planning, and set the flight director properly.

Once all of the housekeeping is complete, we will begin the flight. Somewhere, along the way, just like in airline recurrent training, some type of system malfunction will happen. This added workload will require the client to use all the features of the Garmin G1000 NXi software just like they would in their Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective aircraft to come to a safe conclusion of the flight - perhaps even having to divert to a new airport or continuing to the original destination, while flying in instrument conditions and working together with our ATC partners on Virtual ATC.

For most people this can take at least two hours. There are many questions along the way and our instructors are well-versed and seasoned to provide professional feedback and advice to our clients.

When Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective pilots come during recurrent to our simulator, we create different scenarios that force them to stay current on the features of the G1000 NXi system. These scenarios challenge them to dig deep into their knowledge of the G1000 NXi while stressing the importance of sound aeronautical decision-making. It is our goal at Simtech Aviation to help our clients find the best pilot versions of themselves. Our clients who are Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective pilots appreciate the various situation-based training that we develop and deploy as it breaks away from the monotony and moves them towards growth as a pilot.

The Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective is more than just a cool keypad controller coupled with a wonderful avionics package by Garmin. It can make life easier maneuvering the airplane by reducing workload. If, however, you lack situational awareness of how all elements of the system are working together -- you’re still at risk.  The simulator is a great way to learn and reinforce positive training of the G1000 NXi system, easing your transition to the aircraft. Plus, you’ll start using the keypad controller, and be a safer Cirrus SR22/20 Perspective pilot.


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