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Julian Alarcon


FAA Instructor Rating: Airplane Multi/Single Engine, Instrument Airplane, FAA Gold Seal Instructor.

Instructor Specialty:    Complex, High Performance, High Altitude, Turbine, Simulators, Technically Advanced Aircraft.

FAA Airman Ratings:    Airline Transport Pilot, Typed: LR-JET, DHC-8, and EMB-145, Airbus 320.

Julian’s flying career began with a few lessons during high school. After less than a year in the Navy, serving as ground crew for the H-60 Seahawk, he realized flying was his true passion. During his active-duty service, he completed his flight training with different flight schools, where he benefited from various methods of teaching. This, in turn, helped him to become a successful instructor.

While he was in active duty, he completed all of his instructor ratings, and less than two years later, he added the Gold Seal endorsement to his instructor certificate. Julian recently graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Master of Science in Project Management.

His flying experience ranges from gliders to charter pilot to fly in one of the major airlines in the US, and he is currently working as First Officer for United Airlines. He is an FAA Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor, ATP and is type-rated in LR-Jet, DHC-8, EMB145, and Airbus 320 with more than 1,000 hours of instruction in general aviation flying and years of experience teaching in aviation simulators.

Kenneth Bosworth


FAA Instructor Ratings: Airplane Single Engine, Instrument, Commercial Airplane.

Instructor Specialty: Complex, High Performance, High Altitude, Turbine, Simulators, Technically Advanced Aircraft.

FAA Airman Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot, Check Airman EMB-145 Typed; EMB-145, SF-340, DHC-8, B737.


Kenneth has been a commercial pilot for more than 11 years. He began flight instructing in light General Aviation aircraft in 2006 and made the move to the airlines in early 2008. He has flown various single and multi-engine piston aircraft, turboprop and jet aircraft. He was a Check Airman in the EMB-145 and Currently Flying Boeing 737 for United Airlines. Kenneth has over 1000 hours of flight instruction. He obtained an aviation degree from Utah Valley University’s renowned aviation program. Kenneth feels that flight instruction is one of the most effective ways to maintain practical and intellectual proficiency in the world of aviation.


Peter Lynde


FAA Instructor Ratings: Airplane Multi/Single Engine, Instrument, Commercial Airplane.

Instructor Specialty: Tailwheel Complex, High Performance, High Altitude, Turbine, Simulators, Technically Advanced Aircraft. 

FAA Airman Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot, Typed: DHC-8 and EMB-145.

Peter has always had a passion for aviation, and got into flying after a career in commercial photography.  He was an instructor at CP Aviation in Santa Paula, California, where he joined a team of seasoned career instructors who provided mentor-ship and unique flying opportunities outside the norm in the flight training environment.

At CP he taught primary, commercial, and instrument students as well as advanced instruction including tailwheel and the school’s emergency maneuver training curriculum, an upset recovery course.  This course directly challenged both professional and recreational pilots of all experience levels to expand their concepts of the flight envelope. Confronting fear and dispelling misconceptions were a major aspect of the curriculum, we did this through making complex aerodynamic principals simple to understand in a ground brief and then had the student demonstrate these concepts in the airplane in a series of lessons.  The experiences and challenges presented in this diverse training environment inform his approach to instruction.

Peter is currently a First Officer in an EMB-145 in the New York area.

What does CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Type Rating mean?

A CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) can teach flying to new pilots working on the Private Pilot Certificate and Commercial in a single engine aircraft. (All of our instructors have CFI).

A CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument) can teach pilots working on their Instrument Rating a single engine aircraft.

A MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) can teach multi-engine and if they have there CFII they can teach Instrument Rating in a Multi engine aircraft.

An ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) is the highest pilot certificate a pilot can earn. Once you obtain an ATP, you generally start working on type ratings.

Type Ratings: Is certification to fly big or jet aircraft. You need an ATP to obtain a type rating.

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