Julian Alarcon Founder Aviator NYC

Julian Alarcon


FAA Instructor Rating: Airplane Multi/Single Engine, Instrument Airplane, FAA Gold Seal Instructor.

Instructor Specialty:    Complex, High Performance, High Altitude, Turbine, Simulators, Technically Advanced Aircraft.

FAA Airman Ratings:   Airline Transport Pilot, Typed: LR-JET, DHC-8, and EMB-145, Airbus 320, Boeing 777.

Julian Alarcon is the founder of Aviator.nyc and an instructor. He has experience flying many different types of aircraft, from gliders to charter pilots. While flying in active-duty service, he simultaneously completed all of his instructor ratings, and less than two years later, he added the Gold Seal endorsement to his instructor certificate.

Passionate about teaching aviation, he decided to pursue a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Julian is currently First Officer for a Major US Airline and an FAA Gold Seal Certified Flight Instructor with more than 1,000 hours of instruction in general aviation flying, plus years of teaching in aviation simulators.

Since October 2020, Julian has been a FAASTeam Representative

Want to get an idea of Julian teaching style? watch this video

Peter Lynde

Peter Lynde


FAA Instructor Ratings: Airplane Multi/Single Engine, Instrument, Commercial Airplane.

Instructor Specialty: Tailwheel Complex, High Performance, High Altitude, Turbine, Simulators, Technically Advanced Aircraft. 

FAA Airman Ratings: Airline Transport Pilot, Typed: DHC-8 and EMB-145.

Peter Lynde is an instructor with Simtech Aviation. He was an instructor at CP Aviation in California, where he taught primary, commercial, instrument procedures, and advanced instruction. Peter is a Captain in an Embraer145 in New York.

What do CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP, Type Rating mean?

A CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) can teach flying to new pilots working on the Private Pilot Certificate and Commercial in a single-engine aircraft. (All of our instructors have CFI).

A CFII (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument) can teach pilots working on their Instrument Rating in a single-engine aircraft.

An MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor) can teach multi-engine and if they have their CFII, they can teach Instrument Rating in a multi-engine aircraft.

An ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) is the highest pilot certificate a pilot can earn. Once you obtain an ATP, you generally start working on type ratings.

Type Ratings: certification to fly a large or jet aircraft. You need to meet ATP standards to obtain a type rating.

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