FAA Wings Pilot Proficiency Program Activities in Manhattan!

Our program is designed to help you maintain a high level of proficiency through the use of recurrent training in our Certified Advance Aviation Training Device (AATD) while working with our experienced airline pilots.


As an added benefit of participating in the FAA WINGS program, insurance companies such as Avemco offer a 5% discount off your annual insurance premiums when you complete and maintain certain levels of proficiency within the WINGS program.

Get Credit for the FAA’s WINGS program with our AATD?

We have accredited Flight Activities that can be credited toward the FAA WINGS Program, including 6 Instrument Approach in AATD with CFII and an Instrument Proficiency Check (AATD and Airplane).

6 Instrument Approach in AATD with CFII    • Instrument Proficiency Check (AATD and Airplane)

We offer various Instrument Currency Scenarios to help you maintain your proficiency in flying instruments:

LOFT 1 | KOTH - KEUG | 3 Instrument Approaches    • LOFT 2 | KBZN - KGPI | 3 Instrument Approaches

LOFT 3 | KCOS - KGJT | 3 Instrument Approaches     • LOFT 4 | KIFP- KVGT | 3 Instrument Approaches

LOFT 5 | KSAN - KPSP | 3 Instrument Approaches     • LOFT 6 | KRON-KMFR | 3 Instrument Approaches


Take a look Instrument Approach Scenario list for local approaches.


Here are some videos to explain the FAA WINGS Program:

How to Participate in the FAA WINGS Program?

All pilots holding a U.S. pilot certificate may participate in the WINGS program. To participate in the Basic level of WINGS, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create an account at FAASafety.gov and fill out your “WINGS Profile” under “Account Preferences” and click “Save.”
  2. Earn 3 Basic Knowledge activity credits through online courses, in-person seminars, and/or webinars.

    • 1 credit from Basic Knowledge Topic 1
    • 1 credit from Basic Knowledge Topic 2
    • 1 credit from Basic Knowledge Topic 3

  3. Complete 3 approved Basic Flight activities with your favorite flight instructor.

    • 1 credit from Basic Flight Topic 1
    • 1 credit from Basic Flight Topic 2
    • 1 credit from Basic Flight Topic 3

  4. Go to “My WINGS” under the “Pilots” tab on FAASafety.gov to track your status.
  5. If all credits to earn a phase of WINGS have been earned within a 12-month period, click “Claim Reward” on the “My WINGS” page.

Join the FAA WINGS program today and take your proficiency to the next level!