FAA Wings Pilot Proficiency Program Activities in Manhattan!

Participate in our program to receive numerous benefits, including a 5% insurance premium discount from partners like Avemco. Achieve and maintain your proficiency through our structured training, designed for both seasoned pilots and those new to the skies.

Maximize Your Proficiency

The FAA WINGS program offers a structured path to achieving and maintaining peak flying proficiency, echoing the continuous training regimen of professional airline pilots. Participants in this program are statistically proven to be safer, embodying the pinnacle of general aviation safety and skill.


Insurance Benefits Through FAA WINGS

Achieve more than just superior flying skills; earn a 5% discount on your annual insurance premiums through Avemco by maintaining specific proficiency levels within the WINGS program. Explore the details of this offer and how you can qualify by visiting Avemco's Safety Rewards.


Accredited Flight Activities

Our accredited flight activities are specifically designed to credit towards your FAA WINGS Program, providing a rigorous yet rewarding path to maintaining instrument flying proficiency and meeting WINGS requirements. These include:


Instrument Currency Scenarios

Keep your instrument flying skills sharp and current with our varied Instrument Currency Scenarios, designed to challenge and enhance your proficiency under diverse conditions:

For a detailed list of local approach scenarios and further information, visit our Instrument Approach Scenario list.


Step into a world where proficiency and safety are paramount. Join the FAA WINGS program today through our platform, and begin your journey towards becoming a pinnacle of general aviation safety and skill.

Step into the World of Enhanced Pilot Proficiency: Join the FAA WINGS Program

The FAA WINGS Program is an acclaimed pilot proficiency initiative designed to significantly reduce accident rates by fostering continuous educational and training opportunities. Open to all pilots with a U.S. pilot certificate, the program sets a structured path towards advanced proficiency levels beyond the basic requirements. Here’s how you can embark on this journey at the Basic level of WINGS and elevate your flying skills:

  1. Register: Sign up at FAASafety.gov. Complete your profile by navigating to “Account Preferences,” where you’ll fill out your “WINGS Profile” and then save your settings.
  2. Earn Knowledge Credits: Acquire 3 Basic Knowledge activity credits to sharpen your theoretical understanding of aviation. You can earn these credits through:
    • 1 credit from Basic Knowledge Topic 1
    • 1 credit from Basic Knowledge Topic 2
    • 1 credit from Basic Knowledge Topic 3

    Participate in online courses, attend in-person seminars, or join webinars to accomplish this step.

  3. Complete Flight Activities: Enhance your practical flying skills by completing 3 approved Basic Flight activities under the guidance of your preferred flight instructor. You'll need:
    • 1 credit from Basic Flight Topic 1
    • 1 credit from Basic Flight Topic 2
    • 1 credit from Basic Flight Topic 3
  4. Track Your Progress: Use the “My WINGS” section under the “Pilots” tab on FAASafety.gov to monitor your achievements and progress within the program.
  5. Claim Your Reward: Upon completing all necessary credits within a 12-month timeframe, you can claim your phase of WINGS by clicking “Claim Reward” on the “My WINGS” page. This achievement not only marks your progress but also serves as an alternative to the traditional flight review, affirming your commitment to safety and proficiency.

By integrating the WINGS Program into your personal training regimen, you're not just meeting the standard; you're setting a new one. Join today and navigate towards becoming a statistically safer, more proficient pilot ready to tackle the skies with confidence.