Mastering IFR Proficiency: An Overview of the Instrument Currency Mastery Program for General Aviation Pilots

The Instrument Currency Mastery Program is a rigorous training course aimed at helping General Aviation pilots enhance their proficiency in instrument flying. By utilizing realistic simulated scenarios under Low IFR conditions, pilots can refine essential skills like route planning, ATC communication, executing missed approaches, conducting standard holds, and performing instrument approach procedures.

Pilots are required to effectively use the G1000 system's autopilot and automation, adhere to Instrument rating ACS standards, and identify and address operational weaknesses.

Completion of each 2-hour lesson, which includes 30-minute pre and post-flight discussions, earns pilots FAA Safety Wings Credits, marking their successful training under the guidance of an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

Option 1 (FAA Wings Activity)

The WINGS Program is a proficiency initiative targeting the reduction of accidents in the general aviation community by enhancing pilots' skills and knowledge. It encourages pilots to maintain currency and proficiency in basic flight operations for safer and less stressful flights.  Yes, we have accredited Flight Activities that can be credited toward the FAA WINGS Program.

We offer accredited Flight Activities that can be counted towards the FAA WINGS Program, further encouraging continuous skill improvement and safety in flight operations.

Scenario 1 | KFRG-KBED | 3 Approaches                      • Scenario 2 |KMMU-KABE | 3 Approaches  

Scenario 3 | KACK-KPVD| 3 Approaches                       • Scenario 4 | KFRG-KHPN| 3 Approaches   

Scenario 5 | KMMU-KLGA | 3 Approaches                     • Scenario 6 | KMMU-KMJX | 3 Approaches   

LOFT 1 | KOTH - KEUG | 3 Instrument Approaches    • LOFT 2 | KBZN - KGPI | 3 Instrument Approaches

LOFT 3 | KCOS - KGJT | 3 Instrument Approaches     • LOFT 4 | KIFP- KVGT | 3 Instrument Approaches

LOFT 5 | KSAN - KPSP | 3 Instrument Approaches     • LOFT 6 | KRON-KMFR | 3 Instrument Approaches

Option 2

If you already have a course of action, which includes your preferred instrument approaches from your home airport to other frequently visited airports or for an upcoming trip in you have. we can still customize our approach.

Our Flight Simulator, equipped with a worldwide database on the G1000, allows for a broad range of scenarios.

Typically, pilots complete three approaches in two hours. However, after the third approach, many pilots tend to just go through the motions and don't meet the ACS standards.

6 Instrument Approach in AATD with CFII    • Instrument Proficiency Check (AATD and Airplane)


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Option 3: Ideas for local Approaches

We offer five unique profiles for local instrument approaches, each tailored to cater to a range of IFR flying scenarios. These profiles are ideal for departures from airports commonly used by NYC-based pilots. Each approach profile is designed to maximize efficiency and presents its own distinct challenges, ensuring a fast-paced and engaging training session. Importantly, these profiles are an excellent choice if you aim to accomplish your six approaches and holds within a single lesson, making your training both effective and time-efficient.

Profile 1:

Takeoff: KSWF


  • KPOU VOR-24
  • KDXR  LOC-8
  • KOXC ILS-36
  • KHFD LDA-2 (Optional)

Profile 2:

Takeoff: N53


  • KABE ILS-24
  • N51 RNAV-04
  • KSMQ VOR-08
  • KMMU RNAV-05 (Optional)

Profile 3:

Takeoff: KFRG


  • KBDR ILS-6
  • KOXC RNAV-36
  • KHFD LDA-02
  • KBID VOR-10
  • KGON VOR-23
  • KGON ILS 05

Profile 4:

Takeoff: KMMU/KCDW


  • 12N VOR-A
  • 1N7 VOR-25
  • KMPO RNAV-31
  • KAVP ILS-04 (Optional)

Profile 5:

Takeoff: KFRG


  • KISP ILS-6
  • KHWV VOR-6
  • KFOX RNAV-06

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Challenging Approaches:

Click here to view other interesting approaches that will challenge your IFR skills.


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