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Instrument Rating Training Guide

How to get instrument rated and incorporate a flight simulator in your training

3 Tips for Your Instrument Rating Training

- Get the Written done early

Select a ground school and study for the FAA Private Pilot Written Test
We recommend getting the Sporty's Instrument Rating Course and Sheppard Air Test Prep.

- Use a Simulator at home

We offer remote ground instruction, in which your home simulator can be used via ReadyRoger.

- Do 20 hours in an AATD

Start Flying (and incorporating our AATD Flight Simulator)

Find a Flight School

We created a map with many of the Flight Schools in NY and NJ (sorry, we only work with a Certified Flight Simulator (AATD).

We encourage you to interview different flight schools.

There may be multiple flight schools in your local area but, do you know what questions to ask? We created a Flight School Interview Checklist!

Stage 1: Instrument Flying Skills - Expect to spend about 7 hours Flight Training + 7 hours of Ground.*

Stage 2: Using Navigation Equipment -Expect to spend about 13 hours Flight Training + 7 hours of Ground.*

Stage 3: Flying Instrument Approaches - Expect to spend about 25 hours Flight Training + 7 hours of Ground.*

Stage 4: Cross Country and Practical Test Preparation - Expect to spend about 10 hours Flight Training+ 5 hours of Ground.*

How many hours does it take to get your instrument rating?

Aeronautical Experience Required by the FAA, Part 61

Once I have my instrument rating, how often are proficiency checks required?

For Part 61, as long as you stay active flying in instrument conditions and meet the Instrument Currency requirements, you just need a Flight Review every two years. For currency and proficiency read our post on this subject.